Last Saturday evening, after checkout at Walmart for my usual grocery I decided to carry the bags to the car instead of using the cart. Until I reached my car I realized a very important lesson of life, and, it was taught by a simple Walmart plastic bag.

I normally…

“There’s nothing better for your confidence than finishing a project that you’ve made with your own hands.”- Mandy ( RedAgape Style & Design blog)

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The mind which is occupied by constant illusions destroying the peace of heart and the sparkle in your eyes often needs some practices which can replace the darkness with a new ray of light.

Although therapists do a great job when a disturbed person approaches them, sometimes you don’t want…

Passion is energy, Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. — Oprah Winfrey

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Let’s begin with an extremely simple question — What is Passion?

You may think for a few minutes and observe how it can be felt more and defined less.

Any interest of your’s…

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned”- Peter Marshall

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It was a fall evening, After a usual day at work, while going back to my car, I saw this guy sitting and shivering near the entrance of the parking garage. I didn’t have cash with me but I had an umbrella. I handed…

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